Friday, July 18, 2008

Preparing Your Child For School

The third post in my series, Preparing Your Child For School, deals with children I am very familiar with. Kids going to 2nd grade. I'm sure you experienced quite a year as you watched your child tackle reading, writing and arithmetic! Now they are going to take those skills and really put them to work.

Language Arts/Reading
Reads regularly is independent level text effortlessly and with expression.
Demonstrates appropriate use of capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure.
Students will recognize high frequency words and be able to spell them. Dolce list

Names ordinal position first through tenth.
Exhibits fluency with basic addition and subtraction facts to 15.
Tell time to the hour and half hour.
Identify the value of coins.
Reads and writes numbers 1-100.
Counts objects by ones, twos, fives and tens.

I tell my parent's in the letter I send out every May, not only do you need to have your child read to you often....ask them about what they read! Comprehension is a key element in your child's reading success!

This is a series of posts.
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