Friday, July 4, 2008

Preparing Your Child For School

Although we are deep in the middle of summer, many of you may be experiencing anxiety over the coming school year. As a veteran teacher, I am often asked "What does my child need to know?" I thought I would give you some tips and suggestions so that you can work to prepare your child during the summer months.

Here are some things your child should be familiar with upon entering Kindergarten.

Language Arts/Reading
Follows books left to right and from top to bottom on a printed page.
Begins to understand that letters are grouped to form words and words are separated by spaces.
Begins to see a relationship between the spoken and written word...follows print as it is read aloud.
Know most letter names and begins to recognize the sounds of letters.

Identifies numerals 1-5.
Sorts and groups objects in a set and explains what they have in common.
Counts in sequence from 1-10.
Recognizes circle, square, rectangle.
Recognizes that patterns can repeat and explains them verbally (i.e. red-black-red-black-red-black)

Although summer is a time for relaxation and play, take time every day to read with your child. Ask them questions about what happened first, middle and last in the book. Ask them who the characters are and how the book made them feel. Use these "teachable moments" to help enrich your child's world. You are the tool to their success!

This will be a series of posts.


  1. This is a wonderful post for all that have children and great information


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