Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Perfect Gift For Your Little Princess

Need a gift idea?  Try a personalized boutique hair bow holder - made to match any bedroom decor!  Wonderful storage for all of your bows and clips!  Check out our no slip clips and infant velcro hair pretties!


  1. I could have used this when my daughter was younger! No more missing bows or digging through drawers. Plus, you can personalize it with the child's name. Perfect!

  2. ella could use one of these ~ very pretty!

  3. Those are really cute bow holders. I've seen a lot but nothing quite like this. Hope you're having a good summer break. And yes, it won't be long before Hannah is ready to be her own person. She actually still likes to dress like her sisters. I'll continue to do it until she doesn't want to anymore.
    Enjoy your summer. Still crossing my fingers you might move up to 2nd grade.

  4. My friends are in the "grandbaby business" and this is a wonderful site....thanks!


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