Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mighty Vitamins for Kids

Okay Moms! I am so excited to tell you about these great Vitamins that are available for Kids. They are called Might-A-Mins and I know some kids who love them. They are not the gummy candy type vitamins and in my opinion may have a better chance of providing the needed nutrients that you child may be lacking than some of the other brands. Here is a little information on them.

It is often difficult to make sure that your kids are maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet and receiving the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. It can be an even bigger challenge today due to children eating away from home, at school, friend’s houses and fast food restaurants. With Market America’s Isotonix® Might-A-Mins®, you can provide your children with the proper daily allowances of most vitamins and minerals that are best for them.*
Isotonix Might-A-Mins contains 12 vitamins and 10 essential minerals, along with phytonutrients from a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables. With this formula your children can enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables daily, without them even knowing or complaining about them. Also added to the formula is a special blend of probiotics, which are good bacteria, essential for proper digestion. Iron has been eliminated from the Might-A-Mins formula due to its potential toxicity, especially for children under six, and also because kids usually get plenty of iron from the foods that they eat.*

Check them out here Isotonix Might-A-Mins.
There is tons of great info on them. I can't wait to get my daughter some.
If you have tried them I would love to know what you think.

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