Sunday, August 3, 2008

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Make a Fashion Statement With A Tutu

Written by Beth ~
 If you are familiar with the movie Juno, you probably recognize the name Kimya Dawson.  Kimya performed several songs on the Juno soundtrack.  What a thrill it must have been for Stacy Derrick, owner of Sara Rose Tutus, to design a customer made tutu for Kimya's daughter, Panda.  This brown and burgundy Woodland Fairy tutu is beautiful with the burgundy ribbon waistband.  With Sara Rose Tutus, you can create your favorite color combination, length, and size.  Each tutu is custom made and Stacy loves to make new color combinations.

I recently learned that tutus aren't just for babies and toddlers. I have been told by a very reliable 10 year old, that tutus are cool and fashionable. This coming from someone who refuses to wear a dress, but will sport a fuschia and orange tutu!

Visit Sara Rose Tutus and check out her selection.  Let Stacy craft a darling tutu especially for your little tyke or a cool tutu for your budding pre-teen. They will be so chic and fashionable.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blossumz.....A Woman's Best Friend!

What are Blossumz you ask?

Blossumz (patent-pending) are therapeutic hot/cold breast gel packs. Recommended by health care professionals and lactation experts, Blossumz provide immediate and effective relief of breast swelling and pain. A must have for woman breastfeeding or recovering from breast surgery, Blossumz are a woman's breast friend!

Easily warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer
Provide generous coverage and conform to a variety of breast sizes
Light weight and fit conveniently inside your bra
Uniquely designed so gel can be distributed in or out of the gel packs center (nipple area) according to personal sensitivity
For added comfort, 100% cotton covers are available to purchase with each gel pack. Stylish and cozy, blossomz covers provide a soft, comfy layer between the gel pack and skin.
Blossumz provide soothing and effective relief of sore and swollen breasts associated with these breastfeeding conditions:
Plugged milk ducts
Weaning phase
Blossumz also serve as an aid to:
Encourage milk flow through the ducts
Stimulate the let down reflex
Assist women recovering from breast surgery

These wonderful Blossumz are available at Bean Sprout Babies.

They make a fabulous shower gift and your friends will thank you!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Children's Wardrobe Staples

With the kids getting ready to go back to school, there is a load of new expenses that have to be rolled into the August budget. School clothes, classroom supplies and lunch money to name a few. I am always on the look out for a good bargain and since my daughter is so picky, when I see something she likes, I snatch it up.

Now is the time to find winter things on SALE. If you live where it gets cold in early fall, aim for your child's current size. If it's warm through November, like we experience here in Oklahoma, buy a size up. Also think about good transitional clothing.

I always tell my parents to dress their child in layers. My classroom can go from freezing cold to boiling hot in the same day. I have no control over the thermostat, so the room temp can change on the whim of the teacher next door. Sweatshirts, light jackets and sweaters are great for this. Just make sure you have put their name inside on the label.

Here are a few items I found that are great for cooler weather and a bargain.

For toddlers : Deux par Deux Datcha Poncho
Machine washable
Available at

For little and big girls: 100% Cotton Hooded Cardigan
Available at Lands' End

And my all time favorite hoodie
Available at GapKids


Friday, July 18, 2008

Preparing Your Child For School

The third post in my series, Preparing Your Child For School, deals with children I am very familiar with. Kids going to 2nd grade. I'm sure you experienced quite a year as you watched your child tackle reading, writing and arithmetic! Now they are going to take those skills and really put them to work.

Language Arts/Reading
Reads regularly is independent level text effortlessly and with expression.
Demonstrates appropriate use of capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure.
Students will recognize high frequency words and be able to spell them. Dolce list

Names ordinal position first through tenth.
Exhibits fluency with basic addition and subtraction facts to 15.
Tell time to the hour and half hour.
Identify the value of coins.
Reads and writes numbers 1-100.
Counts objects by ones, twos, fives and tens.

I tell my parent's in the letter I send out every May, not only do you need to have your child read to you often....ask them about what they read! Comprehension is a key element in your child's reading success!

This is a series of posts.
Preparing Your Child For School-Kindergarten
Preparing Your Child for School-First Grade

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great Find

Back to School Clothes. Shop Now!
Super Slim Fit Jeans by Boden
$34.00 Now $24.00

Tapered hem, great colours and a lovely style for all you original string beans.

* Garment washed for softness, Low rise, Inside adjustable waistband, Popper waist fastening, 98% cotton 2% Spandex, Machine washable

Size Information
3y, 4y, 5y, 6y, 7y, 8y, 9y, 10y, 11y, 12y, 13y, 14y


Friday, July 11, 2008

Preparing Your Child For School

Continuing my series
Preparing Your Child For School, I wanted to offer suggestions for skills children should have before entering First Grade.

Language Arts/Reading
Knows all letter names and letter sounds.
Writes first and last name.
Shows beginning writing skills using pictures, letters and/or words.
Recognizes and produces simple rhyming pairs.
Recognizes sight words from the dolce list.

Identifies and draws basic shapes
Identifies coins.
Tell time on clocks to the hour.
Identifies the days of the weeks and months of the year.
Identifies and writes numerals 1-10.
Counts forward to 20 and backward to 10.

As always, read with your child often!

This is a series of posts.

Preparing Your Child For School-Kindergarten

Monday, July 7, 2008

STOP Stressing over Mess!

Being a mother of an active 2 year old, I know the stress that can accompany the little messes that are made. Here is a great product that will help ease your mind over the spits, spatters and stains that can be a headache to remove from car seats.

Introducing EmmaLu car seat covers. The patent pending cover, which has a waterproof lining to protect the original cover, slips on and removes easily over the existing cover. EmmaLu car seat covers are machine washable, durable, functional and fashionable. Visit Bean Sprout Babies for great designs and sizes to fit almost all car seat designs.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Preparing Your Child For School

Although we are deep in the middle of summer, many of you may be experiencing anxiety over the coming school year. As a veteran teacher, I am often asked "What does my child need to know?" I thought I would give you some tips and suggestions so that you can work to prepare your child during the summer months.

Here are some things your child should be familiar with upon entering Kindergarten.

Language Arts/Reading
Follows books left to right and from top to bottom on a printed page.
Begins to understand that letters are grouped to form words and words are separated by spaces.
Begins to see a relationship between the spoken and written word...follows print as it is read aloud.
Know most letter names and begins to recognize the sounds of letters.

Identifies numerals 1-5.
Sorts and groups objects in a set and explains what they have in common.
Counts in sequence from 1-10.
Recognizes circle, square, rectangle.
Recognizes that patterns can repeat and explains them verbally (i.e. red-black-red-black-red-black)

Although summer is a time for relaxation and play, take time every day to read with your child. Ask them questions about what happened first, middle and last in the book. Ask them who the characters are and how the book made them feel. Use these "teachable moments" to help enrich your child's world. You are the tool to their success!

This will be a series of posts.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bath Blaster

The Bath Blaster by Soapylove is my favorite popsicle to get from the ice cream man. Too bad they melt so fast! This soapy variety won't melt THAT fast, and each layer smells like the original - cherry, lime, and berry. Yum!Each soapsicle is 2.5 ounces – the same size as a real popsicle. They have wood sticks, which make very nice handles when you have slippery hands. Soapsicles are as easy to use as a regular bar of soap and fit on most any soap dish. Summer SALE $5.00 at

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Fun Rain or Shine!

Summer is in full swing and the kids are out of school for a few more weeks. Here is a fun activity to entertain them rain or shine....

I believe there is an aspiring little chef in every child just waiting to come out. So why not let them get creative in the kitchen? It doesn't even require a hot stove!
Have them make "mud" cookies. Even the idea will make em' smile (just make sure they know they're just for play, not for eating!). Lend them all your cookie shapes or skip the cookie cutters altogether and have them mold their own cookies. The best part of this game is that it takes place outdoors and involves making mud. A little dirt, a small bowl of water, and what child isn't in heaven getting dirty and making "food" at the same time? You won't be turning on your stove, but you will be doing some laundry unless of course, you wrap them up in a chef's apron for the right touch.

If you get the childhood memories going in your head, I am sure you will join in the fun too. Just think! You can have that mud spa treatment you have always dreamed of.

The Perfect Gift For Your Little Princess

Need a gift idea?  Try a personalized boutique hair bow holder - made to match any bedroom decor!  Wonderful storage for all of your bows and clips!  Check out our no slip clips and infant velcro hair pretties!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deals Under $50

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

These days you can find almost any flavor combination of ice cream that your heart desires, but often the designer brands can be pricey. Why not save a little money and make your own custom blend at home, using Cuisinart's Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker.

Cuisinart White Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker - save over 40% at! (now only $49.95)

$5.99 Super Saver Shipping at! (coupon code: C95925, exp. 7/9)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Do you have a little helper in your family? Little hands always eager to participate in your "Grown Up" activities? If you are like me those precious fingers are always around and most of the time it is in the Kitchen. Well here is a fabulous product created by Little Partners called The Learning Tower. It has been a featured product in top baby magazines as well as featured on the Rachael Ray Show.

The Little Partner Learning Tower allows children to easily and safely help out in the kitchen and other areas where they may need to be elevated to participate. Not only does it allow creativity and learning time with Parents it doubles as a play tower that can be turned into a puppet show, lemonade stand and more.

One of my favorite and most useful products ever! Check it out here at Bean Sprout Babies.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mighty Vitamins for Kids

Okay Moms! I am so excited to tell you about these great Vitamins that are available for Kids. They are called Might-A-Mins and I know some kids who love them. They are not the gummy candy type vitamins and in my opinion may have a better chance of providing the needed nutrients that you child may be lacking than some of the other brands. Here is a little information on them.

It is often difficult to make sure that your kids are maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet and receiving the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. It can be an even bigger challenge today due to children eating away from home, at school, friend’s houses and fast food restaurants. With Market America’s Isotonix® Might-A-Mins®, you can provide your children with the proper daily allowances of most vitamins and minerals that are best for them.*
Isotonix Might-A-Mins contains 12 vitamins and 10 essential minerals, along with phytonutrients from a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables. With this formula your children can enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables daily, without them even knowing or complaining about them. Also added to the formula is a special blend of probiotics, which are good bacteria, essential for proper digestion. Iron has been eliminated from the Might-A-Mins formula due to its potential toxicity, especially for children under six, and also because kids usually get plenty of iron from the foods that they eat.*

Check them out here Isotonix Might-A-Mins.
There is tons of great info on them. I can't wait to get my daughter some.
If you have tried them I would love to know what you think.

Until next time.....

Have Some Refreshing Lemonade

With the snappy tang of lemon and realistic soap lemon slices floating throughout, the Lemonade Soapsicle by Soapylove will remind you of summer camp and pool parties!

Each soapsicle is 2.5 ounces – the same size as a real popsicle. They have wood sticks, which make very nice handles when you have slippery hands. Soapsicles are as easy to use as a regular bar of soap and fit on most any soap dish.

Summer SALE $5.00 each at

Thursday, June 12, 2008


As a first time Mom I felt the need to be perfect in every way for my daughter Chloe'. I chose to keep her Organic from day one and never to offer her sugary treats or processed foods of any kind. With many raised brows from family and friends I never wavered from this decision......UNTIL NOW.

Although she continues to eat quite healthy and does not like "sweets" I am having quite a bit of trouble getting her to try new foods as most of her veggies and fruits still come from a jar.

YES... I said it! My 2 1/2 year old still eats baby food! She will eat some types of table food which consists mostly of pastas,creamed potatoes, chicken, sauces and soup, but still prefers the baby food vegetables and fruits over the fresh. Although hard to admit, I feel my efforts have back fired and now need another way to entice her to eat her veggies fresh without them looking like mush. How I long for the day she will eat from the same skillet as I do.

Perfection is no longer and I search for that Happy place in fruit and veggie land where toddlers love their food. Does it really exist? I must believe that it does. Will she ever eat a raw carrot?

Stay tuned and find out next time on "Your Kid Eats What?"

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